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What Is Antitrust Litigation?

The Sherman Antitrust Act, California’s Cartwright Act and Unfair Competition Law and other state and federal laws make it illegal for companies to agree to fix prices or to squeeze out competitors to create a monopoly or cartel. Directly or indirectly, businesses and consumers are hurt in the form of artificially high prices. Litigation often arises from Department of Justice or European Commission investigations into antitrust violations. A civil antitrust lawsuit seeks monetary damages — triple the amount of the defendants’ illicit gain.

In the U.S., antitrust law protects trade and commerce from the formation of illegal monopolies, biased commercial restraints, and price fixing. Though many states have their own antitrust laws in place, the federal regulations of the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act dictate what most states consider in forming their own laws. Companies, such as shipping corporations and other large freight entities, can become too powerful in their industry by buying out the competition. Not only can certain monopolies be illegal, they can cause hardship for consumers through price inflation and over-domination of a market. Illegal monopolies can also affect the businesses (and the people) that were bought out by the larger company.

Bradshaw & Associates P.C. offers the best Antitrust Attorneys in San Francisco. Federal and state laws prohibit anti-competitive behavior and unfair business practices that harm other businesses and consumers. Our antitrust attorneys are known for aggressive representation and progressive application of the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Robinson-Patman Act and other federal laws, as well as the Cartwright Act, Unfair Business Practices Act, and other protections under California law.

We seek justice for ordinary consumers or businesses that are the ultimate victims when manufacturers and multinational conglomerates conspire to fix the prices of products, components or commodities, or restrain competition in various markets.

At Bradshaw & Associates P.C., we stand up for what is right and enforce federal and state antitrust law regulations. Though the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice are the main government bodies that oversee trade regulation issues, we are here to help our clients follow the correct processes for filing a complaint and ensure that your rights as a business owner or individual are protected.

Bradshaw & Associates P.C. lawyers understand that antitrust and intellectual property laws often intersect and they are adept at crossing between both practice areas to drive the best result for the client.

To learn how our antitrust attorneys can help you, or to discuss a possible antitrust claim contact Bradshaw & Associates P.C. today for a free case evaluation.


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