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In California, most workers are “at will” employees, meaning that their employer can generally fire them with or without cause. While employers are prohibited from terminating a worker for legally protected reasons like gender, race, ethnicity, religious preference, national origin, pregnancy, disability and age, employers can fire someone simply because they don’t like them. Employees with an employment contract, however, can only be fired by violating conditions set forth in the agreement. Employment contracts often include prohibitions on taking company property and requirements that certain goals be met.

A breach of employment contract can range from violation of a severance agreement to questionable action by employers (such as terminating an employee before a large commission or bonus would be paid). An experienced severance dispute lawyer can help recover unpaid wages and negotiate for better severance terms. At the San Francisco law offices of Bradshaw & Associates, P.C., our attorneys represent employees throughout the Bay Area in claims against their employers.

Breach of Employment Contract Claim Legal Services

Whether an employment contract is written, oral or implied, it may contain as many terms and conditions as both parties are willing to agree upon. From specific employment durations to layoffs to terminations for good cause, we handle claims involving:

Our law firm’s experience with employment contract law and handling business contract disputes on either side of the issue gives us valuable insight into how contracts should be drafted and how to attack or defend violations.  We understand that both time and money are critical for an employee fired due to an alleged breach of employment contract. By focusing on quantifiable harm suffered, labor and employment lawyers can quickly negotiate settlement terms agreeable to all, all the while preparing each case for litigation if necessary.

Breach of Contract Involving Bad Faith

Whether the contract was written or implied, it is also important to consider if a breach of employment contract involves bad faith by an employer. For example, a contract lawyer can argue that an employer who fires an employee for taking company property without permission is acting in bad faith because the employee was doing work from home with the company’s knowledge. If you believe that your employment contract has been breached in bad faith, consult an attorney that specializes in employment laws.

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Our team of lawyers are skilled negotiators and are tenacious in employment law and regulations. We stand ready to effectively handle your breach of contract dispute anywhere in San Francisco County, Oakland County and other counties throughout the greater Bay Area.

If you believe your employer has violated the terms of your employment contract, contact our law firm to discuss your situation in a confidential consultation. Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. is the law firm San Francisco residents turn to for practical advice during an employment contact dispute.

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