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Business Fraud

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, it is a daunting task for any business to keep track of every single practice, activity and transaction. Unfortunately, failing to take preventative measures to avoid claims of business fraud or misrepresentation by business partners, employees, managers, executives, even board members, can put a company at great risk.

The potential for business owners to discover they are the target of a business a business fraud investigation is a harsh reality the experienced business litigation firm of Bradshaw & Associates can help prevent. A skilled Bay Area and San Francisco business fraud lawyer can show clients how to avoid mistakes and fight back against claims of ethics violations, corruption charges, deceptive business practices, taking kickbacks, deceiving the government and other fraud-related charges.

Don’t wait for government business fraud authorities to come knocking on your door. Whether you wish to prevent trouble before it begins or you believe you may be under investigation on charges of commercial fraud, a Bradshaw & Associates business fraud attorney will provide sound legal advice and aggressive defense representation against these suits.

Advice and Representation For All Types of Commercial Fraud
Our business clients count on us to help them avoid business litigation by taking proactive steps to help comply with state and federal laws. When trouble arises, a Bradshaw & Associates business fraud lawyer will help them protect their interests as a plaintiff or a defendant in business litigation claims involving fraud, including:

Small and medium-sized business owners cannot afford to make financial, credit and employment decisions that put their companies at risk for business fraud. We can show clients how to avoid issues regarding credit worthiness, identify phony invoices or questionable credit purchases, put privacy policies in place, educate and monitor workers, and ensure sound accounting practices for all financial transactions in or out of the business. From start-up to ongoing transactions, we can protect your success.

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The business fraud lawyers at Bradshaw & Associates understand what is at stake for our business clients. We can help close holes in your business practices. When trouble strikes, we go to work helping you reconcile matters quickly and efficiently so that you can devote your valuable time and efforts pursuing your business goals.
Contact an experienced San Francisco business fraud lawyer at Bradshaw & Associates for a confidential consultation to discuss your business fraud concerns today.

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