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Breach Of Construction Contract

Bradshaw & Associates represents both property owners and builders in breach of construction contract disputes. If either party in a construction contract fails to fulfill their obligations, a promise may have been breached. Some typical failures include: refusing to perform work, abandoning the site, employing a different contractor the carry out the work, refusing access to the work site, and construction defects. If one party makes it impossible for the other party to perform their obligation, refuses to perform their obligation, or one of the parties is cannot perform their obligation, a construction contract attorney can review the facts of your situation and advise on whether you have a case for breach of contract.

Breach Of Employment Contract

Bradshaw & Associates represents both employers and employees in breach of employment contract disputes. Most California employees do not have an employment contract and are “at will” employees who may be fired for any legal, non-discriminatory reason. Common breach of employment contract issues include: bad faith claims, breach of non-compete agreements, disclosure of confidential information, lost wages and benefits, loss of potential future wages, and wrongful termination. A skilled Bradshaw & Associates employment attorney will careful review the employment contract and the details of your case to determine if the contract was violated and advise on the best course of action to protect your best interests.

Business Fraud

Companies large and small can suffer from business fraud. Employees, other companies, suppliers, contractors, and customers can all perform business fraud. Payroll fraud, false billing and invoices, personal expenses, backdating notes, money laundering, failure to pay taxes, deceptive advertising, bribery, kickbacks, and embezzlement are among the most common types of business fraud. If you are suspect fraud, or are being investigated for fraud, speak to an experienced business fraud lawyer at Bradshaw & Associates to find out what you can do to protect yourself and your business. Our business fraud lawyers can also advise on proactive fraud prevention.

Business & Real Estate Litigation

Despite the best precautions, business relationships break down and disputes come up that cannot be worked out with a careful reading the agreements or through negotiation and arbitration. At this point, you will need an attorney to investigate your options. A Bradshaw & Associates Business and Real Estate Litigation Attorney will aggressively tenaciously protect your company’s interests and assets in all manner of issues including intellectual property, insurance disputes, land use issues, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, business torts, construction disputes, finance improprieties, and breach of contract claims.

Business Organizations & Transactions

Companies big and small, new and established, use corporate transaction attorneys to negotiate, draft, and review contracts. From sales to mergers and restructuring, a skilled attorney can help your company make the right choices and avoid unnecessary fees and pitfalls. If you have a new business or startup, a Bradshaw & Associates corporate transaction lawyer can assess your business structure and assist with entity selection and setup including licenses, permits, registrations, and organizational documents including operating agreements, and shareholder agreements. Make sure you have adequately protected your company’s intellectual property with by consulting with our Patent and Intellectual Property Team.

Buy-Sell Transaction Disputes

If you are running into problems or delays with a real estate transaction, an experienced Buyer-Seller Agreement Attorney can review your situation and help you resolve the dispute through negotiation, mediation, or litigation if necessary. Typical disputes include failure to disclose defects, disclosure errors, misstating prices, early demands for payment, title defects, and disagreements on what appliances and fixtures are included in the sale. The San Francisco Bay Area is a perennially hot real estate market; it is easy for buyers or sellers to wish to rush the sales process. With many older homes, a prevalence of mold issues, and tenant issues, it is important to be thorough when buying or selling Bay Area real estate.

Class Action Litigation

Bradshaw & Associate’s class action lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants in class action lawsuits. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to combine the similar claims of a group of people against an entity accused of fraud, negligence, misrepresentations, or other harm. Class action lawsuits have been effectively perused in cases of mass accidents, consumer fraud, overcharges, and employment issues like discrimination and denied wages.

Construction Defects

Bradshaw & Associates represents homeowners, business owners, and construction contractors in construction defect disputes. A construction defect is a serious matter; it can be dangerous and damaging in itself, or can lead to dangerous conditions like water intrusion, mold infestations, and instability. Typical defects include: slab leaks, improper materials, faulty wiring, selective or improper plumbing, poor installation, improper grading and inadequate compaction. A construction defect attorney can help you either pursue or defend a construction defect claim.

Contract Disputes

A breach of contract is a serious matter for any business. Whether you are the one affected by the breached contract or the one accused of breaching the contract, you will need to consult with an experienced contract attorney to assess the matter. Typically contract disputes include, employment contracts, real estate agreements, business transactions, non-compete agreements, service contracts and confidentiality agreements.

Unfair Business Practices

All businesses must operate in compliance with a variety of federal, state, and local regulations. Whether you are a business accused of unfair practices or a consumer who believes they were taken advantage of, a Bradshaw & Associates Unfair Business Practices attorney can advise you on the appropriate course of action. Our firm handles unfair business practice issues such as: false advertising, deceptive practices, and money paid for fraudulent goods or services.

A Dedicated Partner

The Bradshaw & Associates team is committed to providing efficient and responsive service to our clients. Our law firm focuses exclusively on finding ways for our clients to achieve their goals. We have been so successful in winning settlements for our clients that Bradshaw & Associates is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum of Top Trial Lawyers in America. Only attorneys who have won a trial verdict and final judgment of over one million dollars are considered for the Million Dollar Advocates forum. Fewer the 1% of lawyers in the United States are members.

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