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Sometimes no amount of planning for risk can keep a contract from breaking down or protect a real estate project from disaster. The San Francisco business and real estate litigation attorneys of Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. are always ready to represent you in court, whether you need to recoup losses caused by another party’s breach of contract, or you need defence of serious allegations against your company. For a free consultation about your business or real estate lawsuit, contact Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. in San Francisco’s Financial District to speak to an experienced litigation lawyer.

What is Real Estate Litigation?

Real estate litigation encompasses a wide range of real estate and property law issues including contracts and contracts disputes, land use issues, finance and mortgage disputes and defaults, title issues, and construction disputes. A knowledgeable real estate litigation attorney can represent owners, contractors, developers throughout the project to prevent disputes, recoup damages, or defend against serious allegations and bad faith claims. Any party involved in a real estate transaction or litigation in San Francisco should be sure to hire an experienced business real estate litigation attorney. The city of San Francisco has many unique and complex property and real estate laws like landlord/tenant laws and historical and land use issues. Many commercial developments require extra studies and concessions to the city. A knowledgeable real estate litigation attorney can save time and money by correctly navigating San Francisco’s unique real estate laws and systems.

Business Contracts and Litigation

For business clients, we can enforce the shareholder or operating agreements that define the basic structure of your corporation or limited partnership, and also assert your interests as plaintiff or defendant in litigation involving the following:

  • Breach of confidentiality agreements, covenants not to compete, and non-solicitation clauses
  • Commercial collections, vendor contract or performance issues, and tortious interference with contractual relations
  • Violations of licensing, marketing, or distribution agreements
  • Insurance disputes, including defense and indemnification issues
  • Intellectual property issues, such as infringement on copyright, trademark, or trade dress
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Employment Law and Regulations

Companies competing in the global market place are increasingly asking employees to sign non-compete and confidentiality agreements. While the courts recognize the validity of these kinds of employment contracts in certain situations, enforceability will depend on whether the restrictions contained in the agreement are reasonable or not. Typically, agreements that extend over a large geographical area, are to remain in effect for more than a year, or place an undue financial burden on someone are not enforceable. Our attorneys advise employers and employees in regard to the enforceability of employment agreements, representing both when rights have been violated or boundaries overstepped. With Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. you will have a team of lawyers with extensive knowledge of employment law and regulations.

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