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One of the biggest investments a person can make is buying a home. In California, failure to disclose defects, pest infestations, mold, prior fire damage and other issues regarding the property or its title can result in a lawsuit for breach of contract. If you find yourself in this situation you may be searching for a law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area to assist with your case.

Bradshaw & Associates, P.C., an experienced buyer seller disputes law firm, provides comprehensive legal representation to buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate. Our skilled buyer seller agreement attorneys offer assistance at every stage of a buy-sell transaction, including drafting agreements, arranging inspections, assessing the fair market value of a property and anticipating potential pitfalls.

By drawing on a strong history of successful negotiation and litigation in court when needed, we can help ensure the protection of your rights in a real estate transaction. Contact us to discuss your concerns about a real estate agreement.

Help Resolving All Types of Real Estate Purchase or Sale Agreements

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of real estate and business laws and how to help ensure that your interests come first. Our law firm actively pursues collaborative resolutions to buyer-seller disagreements including those involving:

Whether a real estate sale or purchase involves undisclosed flaws, negligent home construction or remodelling, we can help. If a realtor, broker or appraiser has acted improperly, we can help. Our law firm’s team of real estate attorneys have earned us a reputation as one of the Bay Area’s premier advocates of buyer-seller matters.

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If you face a buyer-seller agreement dispute, talk to a real estate litigation attorney at the San Francisco offices of Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.. Our legal team will provide a free legal assessment of your contract dispute situation.