Class Action Litigation Suits

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants defending, managing, and resolving a class action suit requires experience and creativity. The class action lawyers at Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. have represented clients in a broad spectrum of collective and class action lawsuits and class action settlements.

How many people are needed for a class action suit?

Typically, a consumer class action suit is a lawsuit in state or federal court that is brought by one individual, or a few individuals, on behalf of a larger class of people similarly situated. Generally, it seeks damages on behalf of a person bringing the suit as well as the members of the “class.”

Mass accidents, product defects, or violations of consumer protection law

The classic basis for the use of a class action is to combine the smaller-dollar claims of a large number of people. Each person’s claim individually may be too small to pursue cost-effectively. Class action lawsuits can be used in the case of mass accidents and product defects or misrepresentations. Consumer fraud lawyers have successfully pursued cases of fraudulent bank charges, improper charges by a large commercial business, and cases where a business is treating a large number of people unfairly. In the case of a business charging consumers money they shouldn’t have to pay, a consumer fraud attorney can lead an investigation to determine the number of people involved and the potential damages.

Improving your chance for success

Combining many relatively small claims may justify the expense of litigation and improve the chances for success, especially against large corporations. In general, claims involving mass accidents or disasters, certain product defects, or violations of state consumer protection laws may qualify for class action treatment.

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Both state and federal courts hear class actions

Generally, the class action process is similar in state and federal courts. However, cases, such as those claiming violations of certain federal statutes, can be brought only in federal court

A proper class action needs a class certification

When a case is brought as a class action, usually the court decides first whether it is a proper class action through a process called class certification. The parties proceed toward trial on the basis of the claims in the case. Settlement negotiations may occur at any point in the case. In the case of a settlement, Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.’s skilled class action lawyers will advise on the benefits of settling versus continuing to pursue the class action claim in court. The court must approve any settlement and will order notice to be given to any class action members who will be bound by a settlement agreement or a dismissal of the case.

Bringing your own class action claim

The class action lawyers of Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. have extensive experience in class actions, collective actions, consumer fraud complaints, and other complex matters. If you believe you have a good claim which affects a lot of people, give us a call for your free consultation.

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