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Construction Defects

California Construction Defect Attorney

If you are a homeowner or a construction contractor and involved in a dispute regarding construction, the construction defect attorneys at Bradshaw & Associates can help. Our firm’s construction defect litigation experience and detailed knowledge of California construction law has made us reputable throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our personal service, wherein a construction defect lawyer meets with you for a free consultation to discuss your objectives, helps us formulate a solution that best suits your needs. Bradshaw & Associates is the construction defect attorney San Francisco homeowners and contractors call on for trusted construction and contract legal advice.

There are number of reasons that you may have legal issues for a construction defect. Your home or business may have been damaged, or may be dangerous because of a contractor mistake. Or, if you are a contractor, a homeowner may have accused you of incorrect improvements on a building that subsequently led to damage. There also may be a dispute between a property owner and a contractor regarding the legality of a contract. Bradshaw & Associates has skilled contract and construction defect litigation attorneys on staff to help you resolve your problem.

Helping Owners and Contractors Solve Their Disputes

Our attorneys offer efficient, high-quality representation to clients who have experienced or have been accused of any house damage or construction defects, such as:

California House or Business Damage

If your home or business has been damaged, or if you have any other disputes regarding construction or a contractor, our attorneys can help. We also represent contractors who have been accused of causing any construction defects. Our attorneys are knowledgeable concerning all aspects of California real estate and property, and we can help you resolve your construction issues and reach your objectives.

We invite you to contact our attorneys today for a free consultation regarding any issues involving construction defects. When looking for a construction defect attorney, San Francisco contractors and homeowners call on Bradshaw & Associates for timely and straightforward legal help.

We invite you to contact our attorneys today for a free consultation regarding any issues involving construction defects. Fill out the form to your right or call us directly at 415.433.4800!

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