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In California’s Bay Area, the rental real estate market is highly regulated, and landlords need to be careful, whether they’re planning condo conversions or just need to evict a tenant. If you need legal advice concerning any aspect of apartment rentals, capital improvements, or structuring your business to take better advantage of market opportunities, Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. will provide you an experienced San Francisco landlord attorney.

Our goal is to help you maximize your return on your rental properties. In the Rent Board cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, a knowledgeable San Francisco landlord attorney can help you formulate petitions for capital improvement pass-throughs, decrease in services, or permits for rehab or conversion. You can also read our termination of lease FAQs for landlords and tenants for additional information before speaking with one of our real estate attorneys. Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. has experience representing property management companies, landlords, and single-building owners and is the landlord attorney San Francisco property managers trust to keep their business profitable and avoid litigation risk.

Leveraging the Rights and Interests of Landlords

Among the issues our San Francisco Rent Board practitioners can help you with include:

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Our Experience before Bay Area Rent Boards

Our familiarity with the substance and procedures of the Rent Boards in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley will help ensure that your action or response to problem tenants or properties will be correct the first time. At Bradshaw & Associates, P.C., we provide full-spectrum legal services to rental property owners, management companies, and anyone else engaged in the rental property business. We not only help you enforce your San Francisco landlord rights, we can advise you about drafting leases, structuring your business to minimize liability and risk, and representing you in court on any real estate issue. When it is necessary to perform an eviction, Bay Area landlords turn to Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. for trusted legal services.

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