Patent Infringement Law

A U.S. patent provides the holder with the right to exclude others from profiting from the holder’s invention in the United States. The basic benefit of this right is freedom from competition in the marketplace. A competitor’s pro duct that falls within the scope of patent claims is parallel to encroachment. Should such an invasion occur, Bradshaw & Associates P.C. is ready to assert the patentee’s rights in court.

We Energetically Protect Our Clients’ Patent Rights
At Bradshaw & Associates P.C., we represent both patent owners claiming infringement and parties accused of infringement on existing patents. Sometimes allegations of patent infringement involve products, components or processes that appear on the surface to be very similar. Resolving the uncertainty about whether one infringes on the other’s patent may require a great deal of detailed technical knowledge.

In other cases, a patent infringement allegation arises over questions about who is the legitimate owner of a particular patent, or about who has the right to exploit the patented idea. Patent litigation of this nature requires a deep grounding in both intellectual property law and in trial strategy. In every case, our clients have a lot at stake.

Bradshaw & Associates P.C. also enforces patents through a variety of means, including litigation, when necessary. We understand that litigation can be a costly endeavor, so we work hard to resolve disputes whenever possible. However, when other paths to resolution fail, our extensive experience litigating patents can make all the difference in your case. Our San Francisco based patent attorneys have the experience to anticipate the problems that can occur in litigation.

Bradshaw & Associates PC takes pride in helping protect our clients from patent infringement. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your intellectual property needs. If you believe that someone is infringing upon your patent rights, contact Bradshaw & Associates P.C. to schedule a free consultation with a patent attorney.

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