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Inventing or discovering a unique product, component, process or other idea is only the first step to realizing its potential value. In order to protect your research and development investment, you need to protect your product or idea for your exclusive use.

Bradshaw & Associates P.C. handles all phases of patent matters, from invention disclosure through patent prosecution, to issuance and enforcement. We provide patent prosecution and counseling services in a wide range of business areas. As the close collaboration between lawyer and inventor is crucial to the development of a patent application, the strength and diversity of the technological and legal backgrounds of our professionals are key components in achieving a commercially significant patent.

The Bradshaw & Associates P.C. practice focuses on patent application preparation and prosecution, reexamination, and strategic claiming procedures. Our law firm provides patent prosecution, often called patent licensing and patent registration. Bradshaw & Associates P.C. can help your company obtain the necessary patents to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected. We work with clients to create a diversified portfolio that provides different levels of protection. Our clients’ patents withstand the scrutiny of litigation. We also represent both plaintiffs and defendants in patent infringement litigation.

We understand that the success of our clients depends greatly on their ability to protect their innovations and ingenuity. Once you have determined that your idea is truly novel, our law firm will perform an exhaustive legal search ensure your patent should indeed be granted. Once we are sure that road is clear, we will fill out and file all necessary forms, submitting a patent application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

If the patent examiner denies your application or asks for additional information, we will make sure your concerns are taken care of properly. Protecting your intellectual property rights starts with obtaining a patent. We understand the importance of getting things done right from the start. Contact Bradshaw & Associates today.

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