Quiet Title Actions

Quiet Title Action Attorney San Francisco

A quiet title action (sometimes called a quiet title suit) involves resolving potential issues regarding the title to real estate and real property. Actions are brought to remove liens and encumbrances among other things.

At Bradshaw & Associates, P.C., our real estate litigation attorneys represent homeowners and commercial landowners pursuing a judgment to quiet the title to their property, ensuring proper recording with the county and protecting it from future claims.

If you are looking for quiet title attorneys in California and wish to need to establish proper ownership of your real estate and a valid chain of title, contact our California real estate law firm to discuss pursuing a quiet title action to protect your rights anywhere in the greater Bay Area.

Quiet Title Services Establishing Property Ownership

Our extensive experience and success handling residential real estate litigation concerns for our clients has given us the skill and knowledge necessary to address your real estate interests involving:

  • Protect real property from partial or full ownership claims
  • Resolve deed, escrow and other real estate contract claims
  • Sever joint-tenancy arrangements
  • Remove liens, easements and encumbrances
  • Reconcile orphaned property in probate

Quiet Title Actions for Estate Planning

Establishing clear title to real estate is vital when the property will be transferred by a will or trust. Our estate planning experience allows us to help you ensure your heirs inherit clear titles to family land and homes without the hassles of addressing claims and complaints over ownership.

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Whether you seek a quiet title action to establish ownership or need help defending your claim against challenges by others, contact the experienced real estate lawyers at Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.. We are the quiet title action attorney San Francisco homeowners depend on to clear their property’s titles. We have the experience and resources required to establish the facts and protect your interests.

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