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Wrongful Evictions/Fighting Evictions

San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorneys
California law dictates that landlords cannot evict tenants from homes, apartments or commercial spaces without first filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit and obtaining a court order for eviction. Typically, landlords must also provide an eviction notice to tenants detailing why they are being evicted and a timeframe for when the eviction will take place. If a landlord does not follow proper eviction procedures, the tenant may have a claim for wrongful eviction. When facing a wrongful eviction, Bradshaw & Associates is the wrongful eviction lawyer San Francisco residents trust to represent their interests.

Tenants have rights when faced with an eviction. Whether it is a residential eviction or a commercial eviction, the San Francisco, California, law firm of Bradshaw & Associates represents clients across the Bay Area fighting back against wrongful evictions.

If you suspect the landlord evicting you has failed to abide by the law, contact us to discuss a potential wrongful eviction claim. Bradshaw & Associates provides free consultations to evaluate your situation and discuss your legal options; we are the wrongful eviction lawyer San Francisco renters turn to when they need practical advice.

Tenant Evictions in San Francisco
Our lawyers are experienced in handling eviction cases that may violate California or San Francisco eviction laws. We are prepared to assist you in an eviction dispute with a landlord involving:

  • Improper evictions – the most common type of eviction, tenants can hold landlords liable for up to three times their losses and their attorney’s fees for failing to strictly adhere to the eviction process.
  • Wrongful evictions – tenant damages can amount to the difference between rent they would have paid and what they are now paying somewhere else, multiplied by the number of years they would have stayed in the residence ( times three), plus attorney’s fees.
  • Legal EvictionsSan Francisco landlords can lawfully evict tenants for a number of specific reasons including termination of lease due to a tenant’s misbehavior. Under the San Francisco wrongful eviction laws, landlords bear the burden of proving that a tenant has violated the terms of the lease before pursuing eviction.

Landlords bear the burden of proving that a tenant has violated the terms of the lease before pursuing eviction. If you feel you are being wrongfully evicted, we urge you to consult one of our skilled eviction attorneys before your actions, such as not paying rent in retaliation for unmade repairs, give a landlord the right to evict you.

Legal eviction in Oakland and Berkeley
East Bay tenants living in Oakland or Berkeley have additional protections under local ordinances requiring there to be good cause prior to an eviction. The legal eviction of a tenant is defined by the law, and landlords failing to comply must provide a solid defense for their actions. Violations also provide tenants with certain remedies.

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