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A Bradshaw & Associates real estate lawyer is the knowledgeable choice for Pleasanton, East Bay, and Bay Area real estate issues. Pleasanton has long been a desirable place to work and live with its historic downtown, warm weather, and proximity to Livermore wine country.  Real estate law affects what is essential in our lives, where we live or whether we can make a living with our property, which is an extension of our hard work or the hard work of generations past. Real estate law defines our obligations and rights as buyers, sellers, brokers, landlords, and renters. At Bradshaw & Associates, our real estate team has represented all of these parties in past disputes and will bring that advantageous experience to resolving your legal issue.

While some disputes can only be resolved with litigation, most problems can be handled with skillful negotiation. Our attorneys are experienced experts who are looking to save you money, stress, and time. They will fully advise you on your options and give you the knowledge to make your own best decision.  When litigation is the right step, the Bradshaw & Associates team will carefully builds your case for trial and keep you informed through each step of the litigation process.

Residential Real Estate

Bradshaw & Associates is the real estate lawyer Pleasanton homeowners turn to for trusted legal advice. Common residential real estate problems include:

Commercial Real Estate

Bradshaw & Associates is the real estate attorney Pleasanton developers and business people consult for counsel on commercial real estate investments.  Common commercial real estate problems include:

  • Commercial tenants, non-payment, nuisance, and unauthorized use
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Incomplete or fraudulent disclosures
  • Misrepresentations on sales figures and rents
  • Construction disputes
  • Stop payment notices/mechanics liens
  • Environmental audits
  • City zoning and land use
  • Loan modification
  • Underwriting violations

Landlord/Tenant Law

Pleasanton landlords and tenants should protect their interests by consulting a seasoned Pleasanton real estate attorney if they know or suspect that the other party has not upheld their obligations. If it is unfortunately necessary to serve a notice to a non-paying tenant or evict them, landlords should be confident they are handling the matter correctly to avoid delays or costly errors. Similarly, tenants should ensure that their rights are being protected as well. If it is time to pursue legal action, parties can often avoid costly and drawn out litigation by consulting with a Bradshaw & Associates real estate attorney.  Our attorneys are adept at finding compromise and navigating contentious situations. Some areas of practice include:

The more then 15 years experience in the Bay Area and Pleasanton residential and commercial real estate market makes our team a great partner in helping you achieve your goals. Call a friendly Bradshaw & Associates real estate lawyer today.

We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Palo AltoRedwood City, San Jose, San Rafael, San Mateo, Sunnyvale, and Walnut Creek.

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