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The Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. legal team is the knowledgeable choice for Sunnyvale, South Bay, and Bay Area real estate issues. The South Bay has long been a desirable real estate market. Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Cupertino are the heart of thriving Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s high wages mean people are willing to pay high rents, especially in the more desirable area. Sunnyvale also regularly sees high bids and bidding wars on residential and commercial real estate properties. With Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.’s experience of representing parties ranging from landlords to tenants, contractors to investors, and insurers to brokers our attorneys have a 360 degree view of the Sunnyvale real estate market.

Residential Real Estate

Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. is the real estate lawyer Sunnyvale homeowners, prospective buyers, and brokers trust to find solutions when purchasing or selling a home goes awry. From failed escrow to construction defects, the lawyers in Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. residential real estate practice are experts. Our proactive areas include:

Commercial Real Estate

Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. is the real estate attorney Sunnyvale commercial property owners, contractors, investors, and developers rely on for expert advice and problem solving. Some commercial real estate practice area include:

  • Environmental audits
  • Financial irregularities and disputes
  • Underwriting violations
  • Land use, city zoning, and permitting issues
  • Contractor/subcontractor issues: stop payment notices, mechanic’s liens, and breach of construction contracts
  • Disclosures and misrepresentations
  • Leases and commercial landlord/tenant issues
  • Contracts
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Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlords and tenants sometimes have contentious and conflicting relationship.  For landlords, their rental units are a significant investment, might be the majority of their income, and could be a major loss if damaged by a tenant.  For tenants, their homes are where they live, where they need to have safety and privacy, and where a significant portion of their income goes.  Sunnyvale landlords and tenants can avoid most misunderstandings and disagreements by understanding their respective obligations and upholding those obligations.  If either party fails to do so, they’ll likely need seek advice from an experienced Sunnyvale real estate attorney. Even if your relationship with your tenant or landlord has become hostile, a Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. real estate attorney can negotiate to get you the best possible outcome, often with resorting to litigation. Litigation is sometimes the best way to pursue our clients’ interests, in those cases our attorneys carefully prepare cases for litigation. Common Sunnyvale landlord/tenant issues include:

Bradshaw & Associates, P.C.’s over 15 years of Bay Area and Sunnyvale residential and commercial real estate law experience enables our clients to have the best legal services possible. Contact your Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. real estate lawyer for trusted advice on any Sunnyvale real estate legal matter.

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